William Jorden – 280 acres in Cabell County
on Mud River

bought from Archibald and Patsy Bennett
October, 1810
for $300

This Indenture made this October in the year one thousand Eight hundred & ten Between Archabe Bennett and Patsy his wife of the County of Clearmount and State of Ohio of the one part and William Jorden of the County of Cabell & State of Virginia of other part Witnesseth that the said Archibal Bennett and Patsy his wife for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred Dollars lawful money of Virginia in hand paid to the said Archibal Bennett and Patsy his wife the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge have bargained and sold and by these presents to bargain and sell unto the said William Jorden his Heirs or assigns a sertain tract of Land containing two hundred and Eighty Acres be the same more or less being a part of one thousand Acres survey willd to said Bennett and Patsy his wife by John P. Duvall deceas’d. lying in the County of Cabell and on Mud river and binding as follows towit Beginning on Mud river where Martha Sanders Boundary line crosses the original line of said survey thence with her line down the river on the west side to a small elm on the bank upper side & at the mouth of a branch thence leaving the river with her line South thirty two west two hundred and seventy seven poles to a white Oak and sower wood thence North fifty Eight west One hundred and thirty four to a small poplar and Black oak in a flat near a branch on the original line thence with the original line North thirty two East three hundred and fifty four poles to a lin South Fifty East two hundred and fifty one poles a Beach, thence South thirty two west Seventy seven poles to the Beginning To have and to hold the said two hundred and Eighty acres of Land as above described with the appertenances unto the said William Jorden his Heirs and assigns forever and the said Archibal Bennett and Patsy his wife for themselves their Heirs Exors. Admrs. Will warrant and forever defend the title to the Land aforesaid free from the claim of themselves and all other persons whatsoever, In Testimony whereof they have hereunto set their hands and seals

Archd. Bennett {LS}
Patsy {LS}



Witness Presant
Thos. Ageis
Labittey Prat
Lewis Bennett

State of Ohio}
Clearmont County}
Personly appeared before me a Justice of the Peace for the Township of Ohio and County aforesaid came the written named Archd. Bennett and Patsy his wif and did acknowledge the written Indenture to be their act and Deed and desire that the same may be recorded as such acoring to Law the said Patsy being of full age and a part seperated from her husband Examined and the contents there of maid known she did declare And said that the same was her own free and voluntary act for the purposes mentioned, In witness whareof I have set my hand and seal this 11 of October 1810

Timothy Rarden {LS}

State of Ohio}
Clearmont County}
I Rodger W. Wavering Clerk of the Court of common Pleas for the County aforesaid do certify that Timothy Rarden Esqr. Who hath certified the acknowledgement of Archibald Bennett and Patsy his wife of the written Indenture was at the time of certifying the same and still is one of the Justices of the Peace duly commissioned and sworn and that to all his official acts as such full faith and credit is & ought to be given.

In Testimoney whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and seal
of office at Williamsburgh this 15th
day of October 1810.

At a Court held for Cabell County on Tuesday the 30th day of May 1811. This Deed from Archibald Bennett and Patsy his wife to William Jorden was presented in Court & having been certified by the Clerk of Clearmont County State of Ohio which this Court thinks sufficient Testimony & the same is ordered to be recorded.

Acopy Teste,
Edmd. Morris C.C.C.

Source: Cabell County, West Virginia, Deed Book I, page 160