in the Mud River Area

Kanawha County

After moving to the Mud River in Kanawha County, the Jordans acquired patented land and purchased privately-owned acreage. Although land patents in this area were covered under the same Northern Neck land surveys as in Greenbrier County, Kanawha surveys were far less detailed. Consequently, it is probably not possible to determine property lines or anything more than general location of these plots.

  • February 12, 1802 (Articles of Agreement)James Jordan Senr buys 500 acres in Kanawha County on the Mud River from Samuel Jordan Cabell, attorney for John P DuVal.
  • February 8, 1804 (Land Patent) – Survey for James Jordan Senr. of 120 acres in Kanawha County on or near Mud River between the land of Samuel Pleasants and John P. DuVal‘s heirs.