in the Mud River Area

Cabell County

In 1809 the southwestern section of Kanawha County, including the Mud River area, was broken off to form Cabell County. Over the next thirty years, Cabell County Deed Books recorded many transactions involving James Jordan and his family.

Among the first land deals recorded in Cabell County were those of James‘ son and daughter-in-law William and Blanche Jordan.

  • October 1810 (Indenture)William Jorden buys 280 acres in Cabell County from Archibald Bennett and Patsy his wife (of Clermont County, Ohio.

Between 1813 and 1817 James Jordan divested himself of much of his substantial holdings in the Mud River area, giving most of it away to his children…

…but he also bought one last parcel of land:

  • April 10, 1814 (Indenture)James Jordan Senr. buys 100 acres in Cabell County from Nehemiah and Eva Wood of Gallia County, Ohio.

James Jordan‘s children, Jane Morris, John Jordan and Jonathan Jordan were involved in land transactions.

William and Blanche Jordan moved from Virginia to Indiana in 1827, after selling their home farm to Joseph Malcomb. The sale to Malcomb was a complex transaction, firstly because they had to repurchase their farm from their son, who had taken title of it in 1821. Then, after moving to Indiana, they found out that part of the land had never been officially theirs, and they had to recover that acreage from the heirs of John Morris before they could finally sign it over to Malcomb.

  • October 16, 1827 (Indenture)William Jordan Senr buys 100 acres in Cabell County from his son and daughter-in-law, James and Nancy Jordan.
  • September 7, 1833 (Indenture)William Jordan (through his son John Jordan) of Tippecanoe County, Indiana sells 85 acres in Cabell County to Joseph Malcombe.