William Jorden and Blanch his wife – 70 acres in Cabell County
on the north side of Mud River

sold to Lawrence Briant
April 25, 1812
for $200

This Indenture made this 25th, day of april in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & twelve, between William Jordan & Blanch his wife, of Cabell County and Commonwealth of virginia of the one part, and Lawrence Bryant of the said County and State of the other part, Witnesseth, that the said William Jordan & Blench his wife for the consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledged hath bargained and sold, and by these presents do bargain & sell unto the said Lawrence Briant, a certain tract or parcel of land Situate lying and being on the north side of Mud River towit Beginning at an Elm, thence running up the River, with the Several meanders of the, to the mouth of Mill Creek, then up Mill Creek to Pleasants line, thence with Pleasents line crossing the creek to a Corner on three beaches on the hill side, then to a hickory on the hill then to Lin Corner on the point of the hill, thence a strait line to the beginning, Containing Seventy acres, more or less, which Land with the appurtanences thereunto belonging, the said William Jordan & Blench his wife, will forever, warrant and defend unto the said Lawrence Briant and his heirs forever, against The Claim of him the said Jorden & his heirs or of any other person or persons whatsoever, In Witness whereof the said William Jorden & Blench his wife hath hereunto sett their hands & seals the day & Year above written,

William Jorden {SEAL}
Blanchy Jorden {SEAL}

John Barnes,
Teste, John Hodgerson,

At a court held for Cabell County on Tuesday the 28th, day of April 1812, A deed from William Jorden and Blench his Wife to Lawrence Bryant was presented in Court and proven in part by the oaths of John Barnes and John Hodgerson, witnesses thereto and continued for further proof.

A Copy Teste.
Edmd. Morris C.C.C.

Cabell County to wit, This deed of bargain & sale from William Jorden & Blenchy his wife to Lawrence Bryant being produced to me the Clerk of the County Court for said County, and acknowledged by the said William Jorden the same is admitted to be recorded in my office agreeable to an act of assembly in that case made & provided. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 5th. Day of April 1814.

Edmd. Morris Clk.C.

Source: Cabell County, West Virginia, Deed Book I, page 391