Greenbrier County Clerk’s Warrant to the Sheriff

August 16, 1785

Court Order 1

To the Shereiff or Constible of Greenbryer County to and to the Keeper of Sd Jail of Sd County Where as Complaint is made to me that Jean Hugart a single woman of this Countey hath been delivred of a Bastard Child which Child is likely to become Chargeable to sd county & whereas the sd Jean Hugart hath charget James Jordan Shumaker upon oath to have begotten the sd child on her body These are in the name of the common Welth to Command you to cause the sd Jas. Jordan to appeare before me or som other Justis of this County to find Sufficent Securety in ten pounds for his personal apearance at the next Court to be held for this Countey Then & there to abide by & perform the order of the sd Court hearin, & lest not in the mean time to be of good behaivor, & if he Refuses to do that then you shall Convey him to the Jail aforesaid and deliver him Safley to the keeper thireof togethr with this warant, & you the sd keeper are also Commanded to Recive the sd Jas. Jurdan into your Custadey & him Safely to keep in the Common Jail untill he shall find such securety as aforesaid or untill he be discharged by due Course of law, given under my hand & seal this 16th day of Agust 1785

Andw Donnally

Source: Original held by the Greenbrier County Historical Society.