Some researchers have listed a Catherine Jordan among the daughters of James and Sarah, without providing any source for this information.[1] Supposedly, this Catherine was married to William Sexton sometime before 1801 (when he married Elizabeth Black in Greenbrier County). If such a daughter existed, Catherine would most likely have been born before 1784 and died before 1801.[2]

Evidence that Catherine Jordan was a daughter of James and Sarah Jordan

  1. ‼️ Although there is no direct evidence that the Jordans had a daughter named Catherine,land records from Cabell County show that James Jordan sold 100 acres of land on the Mud River to William Sexton for $50 in March 1813 (at the same time James gave a similar amount of land to four of his sons). This bargain-basement price for land may indicate some sort of familial relationship between Sexton and Jordan.


1 Jordan-L Archives, My Jordan Line by Sharon K. Bratcher, March 22, 1999, was one example (the link is no longer active). Others can be found on the wwweb.
2 Dates of birth and death are inferred from the information on her marriage. William Sexton married Elizabeth Black in 1801 in Greenbrier County, so any other marriage would have been before that date.