Sarah Jordan, daughter of William Jordan and Blanche Fullerton,[1] was born circa 1796 probably in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia.  She would have been just a toddler when her parents moved west to Cabell County.  Sometime after 1820, while still in Cabell County, Sarah married James Blake.[2]

According to the 1830 census, two James Blakes were living in Cabell County at the time, one of whom reported a family profile reflecting what we know to be Sarah‘s family in 1830:  two boys aged 5-9, two girls under age 5, and parents who were both 30-39.  The other James Blake (whose family consisted of one daughter under 5, father 20-29 and mother 15-19) might have been the son of Isaac Blake and Margaret Jordan.[3]

When the Jordan family moved to Tippecanoe County, Indiana, in 1827, Sarah and James remained behind in Virginia.  James evidently died a few years later, around 1833, leaving Sarah a widow with at least four youngsters to care for.  Shortly afterwards, she moved her children to Indiana to join the rest of the family.  On November 29, 1835, Sarah married a widower, Isaac Blue, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Isaac Blue was born in Hampshire County, Virginia, in 1785.  His first wife, Jane Blue (1788-1835), was his first cousin whom he had married in Ohio.  He and Jane moved to Indiana in the mid-1830s, where she died in 1835.  Isaac died in 1840, leaving Sarah a widow for the second time.

Shortly after Isaac‘s death Sarah moved to Sauk County, Wisconsin, where she lived until moving to Madison County, Iowa probably in the late 1860s.  She probably died in Iowa, either in Madison or Adair County, in the early-to-mid 1870s.

Sarah is possibly in the census of 1820-CabellVA in the household of William Jordan and probably in the censuses of 1830-CabellVA in the household of James Blake and 1840-JasperIN in the household of Isaac Blue. She is in the censuses of 1850-SaukWI, 1860-SaukWI and 1870-MadisonIA.[4]

Children of Sarah Jordan and James Blake

1. William “Will” Blake was born in (West) Virginia (probably Cabell County) on September 20, 1821.  After his father, James Blake, died in the early 1830s, his mother moved the family to Indiana and remarried.  Following the death of her second husband, his mother took her youngest children to Wisconsin, but William remained behind in Jasper County, Indiana, working for his Uncle John Jordan as a farm hand.  William lived with the Jordans until his marriage to Nancy Long (born May 29, 1832 in Virginia), the daughter of John Long and Sarah Reynolds, on February 11, 1855 in Jasper County, Indiana. William and Nancy made their home in Jasper County (except for a short stint in Missouri) until the late 1870s, when they moved to McPherson County, Kansas.  William died in Kansas on December 7, 1899, and Nancy followed on April 21, 1916.  Both William and Nancy are buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Rice County, Kansas.

Children of William “Will” Blake and Nancy Long

1.1. Sarah Elizabeth “Bettie” Blake (1857-?)
1.2. Susan Blake (c1858-bef.1870)
1.3. John H. Blake (1865-1936)
1.4. Ida Bell Blake (1868-1931)
1.5. Ada J. Blake (1868-1877)
1.6. Carrie A. Blake (1874-1947)
1.7. Emma Blake (1876-1948)

2. Isaac Blake was born on April 20, 1824 in Virginia and moved to Indiana with his mother after his father’s death.  Following the death of his mother’s second husband, Isaac evidently moved to Sauk County, Wisconsin, where he was living with his mother and sisters during the 1850 census.  Sometime in 1850 he met up with his cousin, Marena Jane Erwin, who at the time was living in Hickory County, Missouri, and the two got married (it’s not known whether they were married in Missouri or Wisconsin).  The newlyweds spent the first few years of their married life in Wisconsin, where their first three children were born.  Sometime in the late 1850s they moved briefly to Hickory County, Missouri, then returned to Jasper County, Indiana, where they lived for the rest of their lives.

 Marina Jane Erwin, the daughter of Francis Erwin and Jane Jordan, was probably born on February 27, 1832, in Indiana and died February 1, 1903, in Jasper County, Indiana.  Isaac Blake died on June 17, 1905, in Remington, Jasper County, Indiana.  Both he and Marina are buried in Remington Cemetery, Remington, Indiana.

Children of Isaac Blake and Marina Jane Erwin

2.1. Elizabeth Blake (1851-1924)
2.2. Evred Hall Blake (1855-1920)
2.3. Nathaniel Perry Blake (1857-1917)
2.4. Robert L. Blake (1860-1907)
2.5. Daniel Voorheis Blake (1864-1923)
2.6. Charity Blake (1866-1934)
2.7. Mary Margaret “Maggie” Blake (1872-1951)
2.8. Emery I. “Henry” Blake (1875-1914)

Missouri Valley Times
Missouri Valley, Iowa
April 21, 1910

3. Elizabeth Jane Blake was born on December 7, 1826 in Cabell County, Virginia.  She spent her early life in Indiana, moving to Wisconsin shortly before marrying George Washington Coon, son of George Washington Coon and Mary Burket North in 1843 in Sauk County, Wisconsin. George had been born in Fairfield County, Ohio, in 1820.  The family moved from Wisconsin to Iowa probably in the mid-to-late 1860s, where George died on May 11, 1873 in Adair County.  George is buried in Rock Cemetery, Woodbury County, Iowa.  In 1876, Elizabeth moved to Correctionville in Woodbury County, Iowa, where she died in the home of her son on April 10, 1910, after a long illness.  Elizabeth is buried in Correctionville Cemetery.

Children of Elizabeth Jane Blake and George Washington Coon

3.1. Thomas Jefferson Coon (1844-1920)
3.2. William Wiley Coon (1847-1932)
3.3. George Washington Coon (1849-1923)
3.4. Isaac N. Coon (1851-1918)
3.5. James Coon (c1855-c1855)
3.6. Jasper Newton Coon (1858-1944)
3.7. Alice Sarah Coon (1861-1927)
3.8. Margaret E. “Maggie” Coon (1868-1942)
3.9. John Coon (?-died in infancy)

Sioux City Journal
November 15, 1905
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Sioux Valley News
Correctionville, Iowa
January 28, 1897

4. Nina Melissa Blake was born on November 9, 1828 in Virginia and died on September 1, 1915, in Correctionville, Woodbury County, Iowa.  She married James Coon, son of George Washington Coon and Mary Burket North in 1856 in Wisconsin. James was born in Ohio on February 21, 1811, and died in Correctionville, Iowa, on January 23, 1897.  Both Nina and James are buried in the Correctionville Cemetery, Correctionville, Iowa.

Children of Nina Melissa Blake and James Coon

4.1. Sarah Jane Coon (1857-1935)
4.2. Mary Coon (1858-1917)
4.3. Emma Coon (1858-1895)
4.4. Reason Benjamin “Reece” Coon (1861-1946)
4.5. George Coon (1863-1920)
4.6. Ida Mae Coon (1866-1956)
4.7. Melinda Coon (1867-1934)
4.8. Hattie M. Coon (1872-1962)
4.9. Alice Coon (1874-1922)

Child of Sarah Jordan and Isaac Blue

5. Margaret Hudson Blue was born in 1841 in Indiana and died in 1872 in Spring Green, Sauk County, Wisconsin.  She is buried in Spring Green Cemetery in Sauk County.  Margaret married Francis Marion Coon, son of George Washington Coon and Mary Burket North. Francis was born in Wabash County, Indiana, on December 27, 1833, and died in Woodbury County, Iowa, on May 10, 1910.  He is buried in Rock Cemetery, Woodbury County, Iowa.

Children of Margaret Hudson Blue and Francis Marion Coon

5.1. Perry Coon (1857-1933)
5.2. William Coon (1859-1870)
5.3. Barbara Ellen Coon (c1861-?)
5.4. Isaac Newton Coon (1863-1931)
5.5. John Coon (1866-1950)
5.6. Mary Eliza Coon (1868-1959)
5.7. Elizabeth Jane Coon (1870-1947)


1 Proof that Sarah Jordan Blake Blue is a daughter of William (and Blanche) is found in court documents where seven of the eight living children of William Jordan sell their interest in his Tippecanoe County land to James Jordan (the eighth living child) so that he can in turn sell the land to a third party [Tippecanoe County Land Record Books “W” (pp51-53) and “29” (pp612-615) dated February 1847, and Book “29” (p108) dated April 1850].
2 Only one source reveals the first name of Sarah Jordan Blake‘s husband; her son Isaac‘s 1905 death certificate gives his father’s name as James Blake.
3 By coincidence, both James Blakes appear to have died around the same time in the early 1830s.  Since the elder Isaac Blake‘s probate records, dated August 1834, refer to a payment going to “Robert Blake, husband of Jane Blake, late widow of James Blake, dec’d…”, one can reasonably infer that Sarah Jordan was not married to the son of Isaac and Margaret Blake.
4 Sources for Sarah Jordan and her family include Jasper County Marriage Records; 1820-1870 U.S. Censuses; Aunt Mollie’s Diary; various Iowa newspapers (attributed above); Find-a-Grave; Indiana Death Certificates. Iowa Death Certificates.