Elizabeth Jordan, daughter of William Jordan and Blanche Fullerton,[1] was born circa 1800 probably in Kanawha County, (West) Virginia.  Elizabeth moved with the other members of her family to Tippecanoe County, Indiana, in 1827.  She married Andrew Courtney in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, on September 2, 1830, and together they had five children.

1830 Tippecanoe County Marriage Record between Elizabeth Jordan and Andrew Courtney

Elizabeth died young, sometime between 1841 and 1844, probably in Tippecanoe County.  Her burial place is not known.

Andrew Courtney remarried on March 6, 1844  His second wife, Elizabeth Blain Knight, (born on July 25, 1815, and died on January 31, 1899, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana) was the widow of Thomas Knight and the daughter of John Blain.  Elizabeth brought two small daughters to the marriage.  Andrew committed suicide later that year, on December 10, 1844.  He is buried in Hebron Cemetery, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Courtney Andrew
Lafayette Journal and Free Press, Lafayette, Indiana, December 11, 1844.

The next year Elizabeth gave birth to his daughter, Pauline Courtney.  Subsequently, Elizabeth married John I. Burns.

 Elizabeth Jordan Courtney is possibly in the 1820-CabellVA census in the household of William Jordan and probably in the census of 1840-TippecanoeIN in the household of Andrew Courtney.[2]

Children of Elizabeth Jordan and Andrew Courtney

1. Mahala “Hale” Courtney was born in 1831 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and died on September 10, 1896 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  After her parents’ deaths, Mahala lived for a time with her Aunt Mary Murphy.  She married John Trend Norrish, the son of John Norrish [will of John Norrish] and Mary Everleigh, on May 18, 1853, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. John was born in England in June 1827, arrived in New York City aboard the “El Dorado” from London on May 16, 1850, and died on December 18, 1906, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  Both Mahala and John are buried in Oak Woods Cemetery, Cook County, Illinois.

Child of Mahala Courtney and John Trend Norrish

1.1. John Norrish (1854-1923)

2. Orin Courtney was born circa 1833 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. After his parents’ deaths, Orin lived temporarily with his Uncle James Jordan.  He married Elizabeth Griffin on August 26, 1858 in Benton County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Phillip Griffin and Elvira Milburn, born on January 28, 1838/39 and died on April 2, 1920.  Orin died on April 1, 1877.  Both Orin and Elizabeth are buried in Griffin Cemetery, Templeton, Benton County, Indiana (she is buried next to her third husband under the name of Elizabeth Fox).

3. Harrison Courtney was born in November 1834 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and died October 18, 1912 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  He is buried in Hebron Cemetery, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. After his parents’ deaths, Harrison lived temporarily with his Uncle James Jordan.  Harrison married Louisa “Eliza” Jones on August 3, 1868 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Children of Harrison Courtney and Louisa Jones

3.1. Artis Courtney (c1868-?)
3.2. Henry Courtney (1868-1906)

4. Henry Courtney was born circa 1838 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and died before 1900 probably in Indiana.  After his parents’ deaths, Henry lived temporarily with his Uncle John Jordan.  He married Susan Ann May, daughter of George M. May and Mary Yeager.  Susan was born in Virginia in 1833, and died in Indiana in 1876.  She is buried in Welsh (Egypt) Cemetery, Jasper County, Indiana.  On October 27, 1881, Henry married Ellen Curran Willingham in Benton County, Indiana.  Ellen, the daughter of Patrick Curran and Margaret Horrigan, was born probably in April 1856 in Madison County, Ohio, and died on July 26, 1922, in Iroquois County, Illinois.  

Ellen had first married James Willingham in Franklin County, Ohio, on May 26, 1873, and after several years living in Ohio, the couple moved their family to Rusk County, Texas.  In the autumn of 1881, Ellen took her four young children (including a newborn) to Indiana to live near her parents.  What happened to James is not known, but within a month of moving to Indiana, Ellen married Henry Courtney.  Henry and Ellen had three children before his death.  While his date of death is not known, Ellen listed herself as being a widow on the 1900 census.  In 1908 Ellen married for a third time, to Frank Frownfelter.  Ellen is buried in Liberty Cemetery, Iroquois County, Illinois.

Child of Henry Courtney and Susan Ann May

4.1. Mary Courtney (adopted) (c1865-?)

Children of Henry Courtney and Ellen Curran Willingham

4.2. William Henry Courtney (1882-1957)
4.3. Patrick Francis Courtney 
4.4. Dollie Courtney (1886-1970)

Children of James Willingham and Ellen Curran

4a.1. Addie Willingham (c1875-1917)
4a.2. Dora E. Willingham 
4a.3. James Willingham (c1878-1939)
4a.4. Margaret A. Willingham (1881-1938)

5. Minerva Courtney was born circa 1841/42 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and died at the age of four on September 30, 1846.  She is buried in Hebron Cemetery, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Child of Andrew Courtney and Elizabeth Blain

6. Pauline Courtney was born on January 13, 1845 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  She married Joseph Cook on August 24, 1861 in Tippecanoe County.  Joseph was born in Indiana around 1842 and died circa 1878.  Pauline died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, on March 5, 1915.  Both she and Joseph are buried in Brookston IOOF Cemetery, White County, Indiana.

Children of Pauline Courtney and Joseph Cook

6.1. Luella May Cook (1866-1906)
6.2 Edwin G. Cook (1869-1945)
6.3 Henry R. Cook (c1871-1942)
6.4 Minnie P. Cook (1875-?)
6.5. Frank Guy Cook (1878-1951)


1 Proof that Elizabeth Jordan Courtney is the daughter of William (and Blanche) is found in several court documents, including Tippecanoe County Final Record Vol 6 (pp230-234) November 1847, where her children are said to be heirs of their grandfather, William Jordan.
2 The only documentation of Elizabeth’s birth date is in two census records–in 1820 she was probably 16-26; in 1840 she was 30-40–placing her birth sometime between 1800 and 1804. Elizabeth’s husband, Andrew Courtney, remarried on March 6, 1844 and died later that year, according to Tippecanoe County Court Records, after which their five children became wards of Elizabeth’s brother, James Jordan. 1850 census records show that four of their children were divided up and living with her sister Mary and brothers James and John. The youngest, daughter Minerva, had died by this time. Elizabeth and Andrew’s marriage in 1830 is recorded in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, marriage records. Information on Elizabeth’s children comes from census records; Tippecanoe County court records; Indiana Death Certificates; and Aunt Mollie’s Diary.